Savor the outdoors in Madison Park

The popular tourist and resident attraction in downtown Seattle during the early 1900s, Madison Park, is now a family-friendly neighborhood with beautiful views of Lake Washington and Mount Rainier. Families searching for homes for sale in Seattle, WA, will find the area's proximity to green spaces and beaches calming, yet exciting.

Built in the late 19th century, the area quickly became popular with its paddle wheel steam boat, greenhouse, gambling areas and floating bandstands. An ideal area for family fun, many of Madison Park's original entertainment options are gone. However, the area was recently revived with the addition of a large playground with a rope line and fun obstacles for kids to jump, climb and spin around on.

The park also has free tennis courts, walking paths and beachfront sunbathing areas. A 400-foot beach is the perfect spot for families to spend the day together, with sandy areas for kids to build sandcastles and waste the day away. During the summer months, the park holds concert events, and is sometimes the destination for weddings and other large events.

The park also features the 230-acre Washington Park Arboretum, which is considered one of the nation’s best public gardens. The park has plants endemic to the Pacific Northwest, as well as winter, woodland and shoreline gardens.