Music fans have flocked to Seattle for more than 20 years

Seattle has been dubbed the home of garage rock and grunge music for more than twenty years, a factor that has since attracted musicians and music fans from across the globe all over to seek out real estate in Seattle. In the late 1980s, Kurt Cobain and other local acts like Soundgarden and Pearl Jam opened the floodgates to unfold a burgeoning music scene that hasn’t left the city since.

"The combination of there being software jobs, the combination of things like Starbucks getting national attention, then the music scene, made anyone who was 22 years old, who had just left college and was hip, move to Seattle," Howard Schultz, CEO and chairman of Starbucks told NPR.

Today, hip neighborhoods like Ballard are music hubs attracting new audiophiles each day. Venues like the Old Pequliar, Sunset Tavern and Egan’s Ballard Jam House are just three of the music watering holes in the neighborhood. The cherry on top is Bop Street Records, located in Old Ballard just down the street from Sunset Tavern.

In Ballard, music is just as diverse as the residents living there, ranging from square dancing to indie rock shows. Since 2002, the neighborhood has hosted the Ballard Jazz Festival, further exemplifying its devotion to the arts.