Maintain a constant coffee buzz in Capitol Hill

Seattle changed the world of coffee after the first Starbucks opened its doors in 1971, but the culture has grown to something much more than that. Many locals now cringe at the sight of the green cups, but mostly because out-of-towners don’t give the city’s alternative culture a shot. Instead, locals gather at artisan coffee shops where baristas take courses to pull the perfect shot and design intricate patterns in each drink.

For some, great coffee is a way of life, and looking at real estate in Seattle neighborhoods like Capitol Hill will give residents plenty of options for their morning, afternoon or evening pick-me-up.

Established in 1993, Bauhaus is a perfect spot to people watch or read a good book - their walls are lined with them. Each shop has a distinct personality, and Bauhaus’ is like walking into a vintage library. Floor to ceiling books are there for guests’ reading pleasure, as well as sprawling windows that allow easy access to people watching or gazing toward the Space Needle. In addition to coffee, this shop offers scones, donuts and croissants.

Another vintage-inspired shop, Victrola, was named after the home phonograph of the 1920s and inspired by jazz music of the era. After two decades in business, Victrola has perfected latte art at all three of its locations. The establishment’s charm spans its coffee, decor and events, as the shop has held art openings in the past and movie nights featuring classics.

"We really roast each batch with a lot of intention," employee of Victrola Tesha Karpoff told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, "We're constantly cupping, tasting each batch and making adjustments as necessary and the batches that we roast tend to be very small which also allows for a lot more control in figuring out the profile of the coffee and how it needs to be roasted."

Open late night, B&O Espresso was the first espresso-based coffeehouse and dessert cafe to open in Capitol Hill. The shop is a full-service restaurant with an espresso bar, cocktail area and some of the best late night food in the city. The shop also specializes in wedding cakes that look too pretty to eat and other delectable desserts like lemon chiffon cake, white chocolate cake and chocolate raspberry torte.