History remains present in Pioneer Square

Rich in history, Seattle’s Pioneer Square was once the center of the city and home to one of the nation’s first art walks. The renaissance revival architecture of the neighborhood will attract history buffs looking for real estate in Seattle, which is accompanied by many antique shops in the area.

Beaux-Arts Classical and Richardsonian-Romanesque style homes are restored in the 20 square block neighborhood. After the Great Fire in 1889, much of Seattle had to be rebuilt, but the vintage charm of Pioneer Square is what attracts visitors and residents. In the neighborhood’s park, Pioneer Square Park, a century old pergola is a testament to the historical prevalence.

While no one has to look far to find unique historic artifacts in Pioneer Square, they can purchase some antique treasures at stores like Distant Lands, Turabi’s Carpets and Laguna Pottery. These stores have rare artifacts to match the historic decor of the neighborhood.

Distant Lands specializes in Chinese and Tibetan decor and is often visited by authors and artists according to owner, Tom Pantaleoni. The wholesale importer collects antiques or reproductions, but the latter only if they are done well. If shoppers are looking for decorations to match an ivory statue from Distant Lands, Trabi Rug Gallery next door has rare antique rugs and tapestries in the largest store of its kind in the Pacific Northwest.