Getting around is a breeze in downtown Seattle

A West Coast haven for arts and culture, the city of Seattle is home to residents of all ages, ethnicities and incomes. Downtown Seattle is a hub for the diverse region, and those looking for real estate in Seattle will have no problem getting around all the attractions because of its extensive railways, busses and walkable regions.

Not only are there plenty of easily accessible bike routes around the city, transit options take residents and visitors to virtually anywhere. King County Metro and the City of Seattle’s Department of Transportation have joined together to create Commute Seattle, a resource for residents, business owners and landlords to calculate the best possible way to get downtown without a vehicle. Commuters can opt for a ride on the Link light rail or Sounder train to get around and into the city.

Water taxis are another way to get around Seattle. Although it may sometimes take longer to get to the destination, it allows residents to avoid traffic with the sea breeze on their back.