Find the juiciest of burgers in the Emerald City

Homebuyers seeking real estate in Seattle should be hungry for more than just a new piece of land. The food culture in the Emerald City is unlike any other. Residents can get some of the tastiest burgers around, priced anywhere between a couple bucks and over $20.

Ma’Ono Chicken and Whiskey does their burger up big with one of Spring Hill’s best foodie finds. The burger, named after the establishment, is piled high atop a flaky English muffin with salty bacon, artisan cheese and applewood grilled meat. Patrons wash this dish down with a cocktail made from a choice of more than 40 different whiskeys, bourbons or single malt Scotches.

Those who believe a burger is best served cheap and greasy can venture to one of the many locations of Seattle mainstay Dick’s. Guests patiently await in hectic lines to get a burger priced as low as $1.25. Coupled with a milkshake and fries that are offered at equally reasonable prices, this basic burger joint chain and its menu have only changed slightly since it opened its doors in 1954.

Sustainable eaters will find the grass-fed meat served at Fremont's Uneeda Burger to be cheap and tasty. At Uneeda, patrons can chow down on a classic quarter-pounder or one of the several signature patties offered alongside sides and shakes created by famed chef Scott Staples.