Downtown Seattle Living - More Affordable Than You May Think…

by Andrew Saldana.

City living may not be for everybody, but, if you’re thinking about exploring your options, now may be a better time than you think! Whether you’re a young professional seeking the interconnectedness of the social scene or you’re a retired couple with the empty nest syndrome, homes in Downtown Seattle have it all and more affordable than it has been in nearly a decade! But, time is of the essence because today’s savvy buyer is keen on this, and we all know the principle of Supply & Demand…

The key to finding these hidden gems in the city is patience and the ability to move quickly! A perfect example of this would be my most recent closing on a Belltown Condo, Avenue One. My out-of-state clients were looking for the right investment/vacation property in Downtown, and I came across this particular unit, which had all the makings. Great location and amazing price (40% below its last sale price in 2006.) As I mentioned earlier, patience is KEY - this transaction was a Short Sale, which ultimately took 9 months to close! Millennium Tower, also conveniently located is currently on the market for $1,199,900 (38.5% below it’s last sale price in 2004.)

Bottom line: These are just a few of the hidden gems in the city! The key is to know where to look and what to look for. So, if you find yourself asking the question… Can I really afford Downtown Seattle living? The answer very well could be yes!
Andrew Saldana helps clients find homes for sale in Seattle and surrounding communities.