Downtown Seattle condo market is recovering

The years preceding the housing bust of 2006 were filled with new construction, development and high prices. Since then, many of the once gleaming high-rise condos in downtown Seattle were left vacant. However, this trend of a depressed housing market suddenly is turning around. Condo development is increasing and people are beginning to buy. Young couples or professionals looking for that first property in the lively downtown area can check the MLS listings in Seattle.

Condos are an exceptional housing solution for those who do not want the upkeep traditionally associated with owning a home. In addition, they are often in sought-after neighborhoods that provide easy access to amenities such as restaurants, bars, shopping and other entertainments.

Residents looking for a new home close to the city center of Seattle may want to consider moving into one of the condos on the market. Prices currently remain affordable, but competiton could heat up as condos become a more popular choice, and purchasing one of these could increase in cost.