The Bullitt Center - Setting the bar as the ‘Greenest’ building in the world!

Thinking about purchasing real estate in Capitol Hill? Well you’re not the only one flocking to “the hill”. The Bullitt Center is on track for completion later this year, with occupancy by commercial tenants starting in January 2013. This will be one of the most ambitious green buildings in the world. Aiming to set a new standard in urban sustainability, the Bullitt Center is envisioned as a living building designed to satisfy all of its energy, water and waste needs.

You want green? There’s never been anything greener. Simply amazing… a building that produces as much energy as it consumes. Provides all its own water. Processes all its own sewage. It aims to move green building forward a quantum leap. Maybe two!

“We set out to build the greenest office building - by far - in the world,” says Denis Hayes, president and CEO of Seattle’s environment-oriented Bullitt Foundation, the center’s owner.

But… building something this green requires lots of that other kind of green. The center, known until recently as the Cascadia Center for Sustainable Design and Construction will cost more than a typical office building of similar size, Hayes says - partly because it’s the first of its kind.

Times are changing from the recent day & age of builders churning out quantity over quality in hopes for a quick return on their investment. So, why do it? Why has Hayes, who organized the first Earth Day and remains a giant in the environmental movement, become a developer? It’s quite obvious for Hayes - the unprecedented environmental crisis confronting the planet dictates that someone take this plunge and pave the way for others. Change isn’t happening fast enough to respond to the climate change and other looming environmental problems, he says: “ if the world has three or four centuries to add these challenges, we would be right on track.” Hayes offers another analogy for the role the Bullitt Center hopes to play in transforming commercial construction and design.

The building that's going up at 15th and East Madison, he says, is the equivalent of the first Prius.

So, sure the Bullitt Center will cost more, Hayes says: But it’s making investments now to avoid imposing burdens on society and the planet that other projects impose, burdens with real economic costs that developers usually pawn off on others. What’s more, Hayes says, unlike most developers the foundation views the center as a very long-term investment - up to 250 years, the building’s projected life span. Its value will only increase as the world changes, he believes. The Bullitt Center has attracted international attention with press releases from the likes of The Guardian, UK. The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Seattle Times and many more...

The ultimate goal here is to pave the way for builders around the world to take notice and serve as a focal point for education and spur awareness about sustainability. We only have one Earth so it’s crucial we all play our part in protecting Mother Nature today so we can enjoy tomorrow! Green construction is also gaining major popularity in residential construction, so be sure to add this to your upcoming home search in Seattle

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