Walkable San Diego and urban trees

A recent article in the San Diego Union-Times said the NewSchool of Architecture and Design's landscape architecture program head, Leslie Ryan, is on a "crusade" to transform the city's streets into shady, tree-lined havens and reduce car use. Those looking at real estate in San Diego can expect to see developments in the near future, which might include more urban trees.

Ryan said, "I think maybe sometimes our sun and weather make us a little too lazy in San Diego. Walkability is not getting in the car and going to a place where you can walk. It's what's outside your door, on the sidewalk, that's so compelling and makes you feel so good that you want to go out."

San Diego reportedly has building and zoning laws and rules that make lining the streets with green increasingly difficult. Ryan pointed out that San Diego's layout was designed to accommodate cars, unlike older cities that were built up in earlier eras. She was referencing the trimming of trees along the streets or the planting of palm trees to allow for easy maneuvering of delivery trucks or fire equipment but that produce no shade for pedestrians.

Ryan's crusade for walkability and tree-lined streets is cosponsored by Walk San Diego, which is a long-time grassroots campaign that is dedicated to facilitating and encouraging making neighborhoods more walkable.