Struggling homeowners in San Diego can turn to real estate services for help

When you are a homeowner struggling with mortgage or housing payments, it may sometimes feel like you have nowhere to turn. Many people are simply afraid to admit that they have a problem and do not ask for help. The issue may not even be as serious as a delinquent payment - it could be something as general as confusion about the escrow process. Homes for sale in San Diego can offer the same challenges as anywhere else in the country, and new homeowners should consider local classes if they need help with any sort of real estate process.

For example, the California government recently seized some redevelopment agency assets that were spread out across the state, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. These funds were worth approximately $2 billion, and the reclaimed property could be listed on the market at discount prices. However, it is possible that these residences could have a backlog of property taxes - and this is not something that a new homeowner will want to claim.

However, available property in San Diego is currently a hot commodity. The improving housing market is leading many buyers to consider purchasing residential units located in the suburbs of the city.

"The housing market is showing positive signs of recovery...median home prices are fairly stable and reflect a slight increase for detached single-family listings sold year-over-year," said San Diego Association of Realtors president Donna Sanfilippo, according to PR Web.

If a homeowner has any questions about the housing process, there are many different counselors in the greater San Diego metro area who are certified by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). HUD counselors help people of all income levels - the Union-Tribune reported that over 20 percent of clients helped by Community Housing Works in 2010 earned more than $76,100. These people fall into the moderate-to-high income bracket in San Diego.

HUD counselors are well-equipped to help struggling homeowners. They are trained in government and lender negotiations for foreclosure situations, but they may also help first-time homeowners in creating monthly budgets. Counselors can even be instrumental during personal problems like divorce, which can cause disputed ownership over specific property.

Homeowners in San Diego who have any sort of financial or residential questions should see a HUD-certified counselor for assistance.