Solutions for homelessness in San Diego

Multiple recent reports indicate that San Diego is making considerable positive steps to address both the overall issue of homelessness in the area and reach out to help individuals who are struggling. These initiatives promise to raise the overall quality of life in the city and point to the values of the urban area, which could be of interest to those looking at real estate in San Diego.

The San Diego Union-Times recently reported that when the city's new Connections Housing facility downtown was delayed as a result of complications in restoring historic buildings, the city council immediately responded to mounting concerns over homeless situations. It approved a location for San Diego's emergency winter shelter and a conditional-use permit for the new VA Aspire Center, in an effort to keep individuals off the streets.

In addition, the news source reported that earlier in the month of July, the council made a decision to extend funding for the Neil Good Day Center, which is a local facility serving roughly 250 homeless people daily.

The support for San Diego's homeless continued when staff from a local business, HoyleCohen, participated in a "Sack Lunch Thursday," and packaged and distributed over 200 brown bag lunches to homeless in San Diego's downtown community.