Schools in southeastern San Diego implement 'safe zones'

As the neighborhoods of Logan Heights, Memorial and Grant Hill continue to gentrify, parents can be rest assured that their children can walk to and from school more safely due to a revolutionary new program, according to the San Diego Union Tribune. Through parents, volunteers and teachers, 'safe zones' make San Diego an even safer place to raise a family.

The initiative allows police officers to train volunteers to spot illegal activity in the area during the hours many children walk to and from school. Volunteers are also instructed to locate repairs needed in the city, such as potholes, which if fixed could make the area even safer for young and old alike.

Since the layout of these neighborhoods are some of the oldest in the city, they are also some of the most ethnically diverse and cultural hotspots for real estate in San Diego and so attract many young families. Since more and more children are moving into the area, programs such as these are great for community morale and unification.

An already up-and-coming area, local police staff and councilmen are hopeful of this program and the benefits it will have on the growing youth in southeastern San Diego neighborhoods. "These neighborhoods will be safer and more vibrant and more civically engaged [because of the 'safe zones']," said local councilman David Alvarez to the Union Tribune.