San Diego residents could get some financial breaks

The owners of homes for sale in San Diego could soon get a break from new fees and taxes that are associated with their properties. Since wildfires are such a big problem in Southern California, residents of the region now have to pay an annual $150 fee to support firefighting services, reported the San Diego Union Times.

However, this initiative is being fought by municipal authorities because residents already pay for this service through property taxes. Some county officials do not wish for homeowners to be financially burdened by what they deem to be an unnecessary fee.

"We have folks paying for fire protection via their property taxes. They are also paying for fire protection via special assessments," said San Diego County supervisor Dianne Jacob, according to the news source. "Now, they are being asked to pay a triple tax. That would be a huge injustice, particularly when their local government - the County of San Diego - has made rural fire safety its chief priority over the past decade."

The state Board of Forestry and Fire Protection will hold public hearings on the fee, reported UT San Diego, and is encouraging residents to share their opinions. If you have recently relocated to the area, it might be a good idea to attend a meeting and learn about the debate from either side of the issue.