San Diego promotes sustainability initiatives to improve community

California has a reputation for being a hub of conservation and green living in the United States, and due to new sustainability initiatives, San Diego has become a full-fledged contributor to the movement. If you're looking for homes for sale in San Diego, these new programs will lead to a more sustainable standard of living and enhanced quality of life for you and your family.

WALKSanDiego is a movement dedicated to improving the livability of local communities by promoting walking as a viable, safe transportation option for all residents. The organization believes in walking as a viable method of transportation that can help reduce the carbon footprint in the San Diego area. WALKSanDiego works to promote:

- Walkable community policies that promote economic vitality, social equity, health and sustainability
- Designating the effective use of new land based on its proximity to other destinations
- Strengthening the community with unmediated social interactions on streets and sidewalks
- Street layout and transportation choices that reflect the safety and long-term viability of walking with designs that accommodate both pedestrians and cyclists
- Improving walking conditions for low-income communities by fixing and improving existing infrastructure
- The fundamental, human nature aspects of walking by providing designated walkways in local communities where residents can travel by foot without compromising personal safety

Centre City Green
Centre City Green is the master sustainability plan for San Diego's downtown district. According to the Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC), the plan is a cooperative effort between local agencies and passionate citizens. The initiative includes:

- Customized sustainability indicators that will help track progress in reaching environmental goals at the regional and statewide level
- Expanding the existing Transportation Demand Management Plan for commercial development by implementing new ways to reduce traffic congestion in and around the city
- Future-oriented goals that will ensure that all new buildings and public spaces are constructed in sustainable ways
- A private development incentive programs that functions on a volunteer basis to cause developers to build structures that go above and beyond expected green standards
- A new "Green Streets" program that will make San Diego's streets more environmentally and pedestrian -friendly

MOVE San Diego
Founded by citizens, environmentalists, pedestrians, bicyclists and transportation experts, MOVE San Diego is a community-based organization that aims to provide local residents with transportation options that are healthy, timely, convenient and sustainable. According to MOVE, studies show that most metropolitan areas have well-designed, environmentally friendly transit systems. By taking inspiration from the Washington D.C., Paris, San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia, transportation systems, MOVE San Diego works to meet the following goals:

- Become a trusted public voice for sustainability and transportation and provide a public forum for community members to show their support
- Develop, endorse and assist new transportation solutions and see that they are properly implemented
- Create and maintain a cohesive effort of local groups working together to improve public transportation and offer information, constructive criticism, outreach, communication, analysis and convening to aid collaboration
- Work with government agencies to identify obstacles, encourage public awareness, and shape a new Regional Transportation Plan
-Improve the region's transit system by doubling the number of public transit trips taken each day in seven years and see that number double again seven years later
- Increase the number of housing units and jobs available in pedestrian-friendly locations by 50 percent each
- Identify what infrastructure and services work best to promote additional sustainable transportation measures in the future

The implementation of new green programs will help make San Diego a more sustainable, convenient home for local residents.