San Diego most tolerant metro in the US

People looking to move to an especially tolerant city can look at real estate in San Diego. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos was recently named the most tolerant metro area in the country by prominent author Richard Florida, who based his rankings on three key variables.

The ranking system was developed by the Martin Prosperity Institute's Kevin Stolarick, Florida wrote in The Atlantic. The rankings looked at a city's share of immigrants or residents born in foreign lands, the "Gay Index" or its concentration of gay and lesbian residents, and an "Integration Index," which measures segregation in the city among different ethnicities and races.

Other cities that topped the list included Napa, Santa Rosa-Petaluma and Santa Cruz-Watsonville in California; Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Ithaca, New York.

Florida maintained that, "Places that are open to new ideas attract creative people from around the globe, broadening both their technology and talent capabilities, gaining a substantial economic edge."

In a recent article in the San Diego Union-Times, San Diego residents were interviewed and asked to give their opinions on the city's tolerance. One resident, Dr. Ismail Mualin, who came from Somalia in 1996, said, "People are very welcoming. You walk around and  you don't notice your color or ethnicity."