San Diego gets new airplane flight paths approved

When relocating to a new city or metro area, potential homeowners may look for homes with easy access to major transportation hubs. Business and personal matters can require a person to travel across the country at a moment's notice, and sometimes this can mean exhaustive layovers and long wait times. However, buyers of homes for sale in San Diego need not worry - the San Diego Airport is currently experiencing all kinds of overhauls.

The San Diego Union-Tribune reported that starting on June 8th, travelers will be able to catch a nonstop flight to the Ronald Reagan International Airport in Washington, DC. This will make it much more convenient for employees that need to fly frequently between the two metro areas.

In addition, the San Diego Airport is currently spending $1 billion on a new terminal that will feature 10 new airplane gates and a number of stores and bars, according to the North County Times. This will increase the national visibility of the airport, and might encourage more carriers to provide nonstop flights to new regions. That could, in turn, make the San Diego metro area more attractive to home buyers who travel a great deal for various reasons.