San Diego to become more neighborly

People looking at real estate in San Diego can expect to move to a neighborly area. Shortly after the election, San Diego Mayor-elect Bob Filner said he was committed to keeping his promise in shifting political power from what he termed 'downtown special interests' back to the neighborhoods, according to CBS.

"We have a diversity in this city that has simply not been tapped by those who have had control and power," said Filner. "Whether it's people of color, whether it's neighborhoods that have been neglected in terms of their infrastructure, whether it's women, whether it's those who care about education, whether it's those who care about the arts, whether it's those who care about affordable housing and public transportation, they have not been asked to participate in the political and economic decisions of this city. We're going to ask them."

New and old residents of San Diego can expect Filner to bring a fair amount of change to the city with his inauguration on December 3. CBS reported that he is the first Democrat to be elected mayor of San Diego since Maureen O'Connor in 1988.

Border work
According to a recent article in the San Diego Union-Tribune, Filner announced in mid-November that he plans to establish a border affairs office in Tijuana in order to help make the already strong relationship between the two countries even more secure.

"At every level we can think of, we're going to increase the relationships and make real the fact that we talk about dos ciudades y una region [two cities and one region]," said Filner, in a speech that was given to announce his plans for Tijuana.

Not only is San Diego becoming more neighborly within the city and the county, but Filner also plans to have San Diego become more closely knit with its  in another country. In mid-November, the U.S. and Mexican governments signed a Colorado River water deal, designed to bring more certainty to water supplies for all Californians. In addition, in early November, the formal opening of the 22-lane El Chaparral port entry in Mexico took place. As this is the world's busiest land border crossing, mayor-elect Filner declared that he would consistently push Washington to improve the area on the U.S. side.