Safety first for San Diego schools

The San Diego Union-Times recently reported that the Greater Works Empowerment Center will be initiating a program to develop safe zones to keep children protected as they walk to and from schools in the southeast area of San Diego. Those who have children and are looking at real estate in San Diego could consider the neighborhoods of Sherman Heights, Logan Heights, Stockton, Memorial and Grant Hill to provide extra safety for their little ones.

The program is set to begin this fall, and the Greater Works Empowerment Center is currently undertaking volunteer recruitment and conducting informational meetings to prepare for the patrolling of 12 busy street corners before and after school days. The project was largely initiated in the interest of combating gang violence and increasing neighborhood safety.

Police Lt. David Mitchell told the source, "Programs like this can change the way things have been for 10, 15 years," specifically referencing gang feuds in southeastern San Diego.

Families looking to take advantage of such safety programs could investigate Grant Hill, which is located in District 8, within close proximity to the 94 freeway and east of the Golden Hill neighborhood. According to the City of San Diego website, many residents also agree that the historical homes in Grant Hill have the best views of nearby San Diego Bay.