Revitalizing Barrio Logan neighborhood in San Diego

People looking at real estate in San Diego might want to consider taking a closer look at the Barrio Logan neighborhood, located along the San Diego Bay Tidelands just south of downtown San Diego.

For the better part of the decade, San Diegans commented that Barrio Logan was deteriorating, in the sense that it was losing its identity as a neighborhood, and was becoming sucked up by downtown San Diego and shadowed with the construction of the San Diego Coronado Bay Bridge. Partially in response to citizens' concerns about the neighborhood, the city of San Diego established a Barrio Logan Redevelopment Project Area.

"Redevelopment in this area focuses on eliminating blight while preserving the neighborhood's distinctive character," the San Diego government website states. "A major objective is development that enhances the community's cultural and ethnic qualities."

Multi-family complex in Barrio Logan
Local news outlet KPBS recently reported that the Barrio Logan community is finally seeing growth and change as a new 92-unit apartment complex opens and an ethnic supermarket is scheduled to open next month. The apartment complex was a $43 million project that was developed by a partnership between the San Diego Housing Commission and developer Chelsea Investment Corporation.

"This was a struggle like a lot of the struggles that those of us who've lived in Barrio Logan are well aware of," David Alvarez, the San Diego city councilman who oversees the 8th district, told the news source. "For a young person to see an investment like this in the community, I can tell you as someone who has experienced the dirt lots, this means a lot."

Incentives and Objectives
The new apartment complex is seen as the first major step in the revitalization plan for Barrio Logan, providing the local community with long-awaited affordable housing options. According to the San Diego government, the area is set to not only see the addition of a local grocery market, but also more affordable housing options and neighborhood-supporting retail establishments.

The redevelopment project's goal is to encourage investment in the area from the private sector, which in combination with the efforts of the city government, should assist in diversifying the area's commercial base, provide additional employment opportunities and bring more industrial and office space to the neighborhood. Barrio Logan's revitalization should not only increase the quality of life for those living in the neighborhood, but increase the quality of living for all of San Diego.