Real estate trends show shift toward practical, sustainable homes in San Diego

As the recent housing market crash continues to rectify itself, the real estate market has shifted to favor more practical housing options. For those seeking real estate in San Diego, this means that most of the market consists of baby boomers looking to downsize, multigenerational or growing families in need of flexible living accommodations and first-time homeowners who are on a budget, according to the La Jolla Light.

As the baby boomer generation grows older, many couples and individuals are looking to downsize from larger properties. They are drawn to San Diego by the beautiful weather, and many have lived in larger homes with yards, pools and other luxury amenities. Older residents sometimes lose the desire to upkeep and fund a large property, and look to smaller, more efficient homes to meet their needs. This has created a trend in the market over the past few years, with some believing that aging baby boomers account for many of the larger homes on the market. Families of all ages can take advantage of this phenomenon to find the perfect home in San Diego.

Sustainability and reduced living costs have become more prevalent across California, allowing homebuilders in San Diego to focus on building more comprehensive properties. New homes are more energy efficient, situated closer to neighboring homes and located closer to work and entertainment districts. These strategic locations are derived to allow easier pedestrian and bicycling accessibility to help reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gases.

Data shows that another trend in the area includes building properties with separate detached units that are great for housing additional family members. When grandparents or college graduates need a place to live but also want a degree of independence, these units are a great way to bridge the gap. Customizable layouts allow the family to stay on budget while also accommodating families unique needs, the Light explained.

Local realtors note that regardless of the time of year, there are always interested buyers in San Diego. With year-round sunshine and ideal weather, the Southern California real estate market has come to function under its own subtle seasons. Buyers can take advantage of the new housing options described above whenever the time is right. Unlike other regions of the country, San Diego does not fall prey to the autumn and winter real estate lull.