Pacific Beach bands together to keep things clean

The neighborhood of Pacific Beach in San Diego, CA, just got a whole lot brighter this week after more than 500 volunteers picked up over a ton of trash along the shoreline, according to the North County Times. After a spirited Independence Day celebration, including a post-fireworks marshmallow fight, there was plenty of work to be done for these volunteers. There are few holidays that produce more debris than the Fourth of July, but that didn't seem to stop the community from banding together to make the sands along Pacific Beach Drive even more beautiful for themselves and more alluring to potential homebuyers.

Working Together

With five different meeting points that also included Ocean Beach, the clean up covered an impressive amount of sand. Organized by the Surfriders Foundation, this grass-roots effort was a very friendly and collaborative effort any city could be proud of. The clean up shows how this neighborhood of 40,000 residents come together to maintain an eco-friendly way of life. "We had a number of volunteers who participated in the marshmallow fight also come out to assist with the clean-up this morning, which speaks volumes about the community....and their commitment to keeping their beaches clean," wrote Chapter Coordinator Haley Jain Haggerstone. For any environmentally conscious individual, this community would be a perfect fit.

Details of the clean-up

The totals from the five checkpoints were staggering, and inspiring. Together, they collected 2,607 pounds of trash and 191 pounds of recycling. A great amount of the garbage was plastic, which is unsightly and a menace to fish and wildlife if tossed into the ocean. In all, there were 559 plastic bags recovered alongside numerous empty soda and water bottles. The volunteers also found more than 10,000 cigarette butts and almost 500 styrofoam pieces, which are also dangerous for the local habitat. According to ABC San Diego affiliate KGTV, there were more volunteers compared to last year, which explains why they collected twice as much garbage.

Making the community better for everyone

Collaborations of the hard-working people of San Diego and non-profit organizations like Surfriders are great for real estate in San Diego, as well as morale. Being active in your community through clean-up projects such as this is a great way to make your neighborhood's worth even better, keeps the natural environment of the beaches healthy and it is also a great way to meet your neighbors.