Notable alumni from San Diego colleges and universities

The United States is known around the world for its extensive network of colleges and universities located in countless major cities and small towns throughout the country. According to Aneki, the U.S. is second only to India with 5,758 higher education institutions, and with such a large number it can be tough to narrow down the choices when applying to college. However, homes for sale in San Diego are located near some of the top academic facilities in the nation, and those relocating to the metro area should consider some of the following schools.

San Diego State University
San Diego State University (SDSU) is located at 5500 Campanile Drive, in between La Mesa and downtown San Diego to the south of Interstate 8. This public research university is one of the oldest in the state of California, and is home to over 30,000 undergraduate students from all around the world. Older residents seeking additional education can apply to the masters and doctorate programs here in many different disciplines.

Many famous actors, politicians and scientists attended SDSU, but the school is most famous for its athletic alumni, representing the college in four out of the five major sports leagues in the United States. Alumni currently play in the MLS, NFL, NBA and MLB, and several players like Marcelo Balboa and Tony Gwynn have gone on to Hall of Fame careers.

UC San Diego
Part of the state's University of California program, this satellite campus has produced a number of famous scientists, including several Nobel Prize winners. Susumu Tonegawa and Bruce Beutler both won in the category Physiology or Medicine, and Venki Ramakrishnan won for Chemistry. Six current faculty members have also won the Nobel Prize in various categories.

Technical studies are also popular in this institution, as evidenced by alumni such as Bill Atkinson and Guy "Bud" Tribble, both members of the initial Apple/Macintosh development team. UC San Diego is a top destination for medical and mathematical studies, and is another great option for postgraduate studies.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law
If you desire to pursue a career as a lawyer or other legal professional, the Thomas Jefferson School of Law is a great choice. Students here have gone on to careers in the House of Representatives and U.S. District Court. If you can, sign up for a class with Professor Marjorie Cohn - she is the former president of the National Lawyers Guild and author of multiple books on the legal field.