New employment opportunities in San Diego

After successfully completing a higher education program, many college graduates decide to take off and move to a new metro area. After all, spending four or five years in a city can make you feel like it is time to move out of an apartment into an actual home, and many people scour the real estate market to find affordable properties. If you are seeking a new job and home, here are a few reasons to consider one of the houses for sale in San Diego.

Declining unemployment rate
The San Diego Union-Tribune reported the unemployment rate in the county in April 2012 was the lowest it had been since February of 2009. In addition, the figures dropped almost a full percent from the month before.

"It's volatile," said University of San Diego economist Alan Gin, according to the news source. "You have the dynamic of both jobs increasing and then also people leaving the workforce."

The dropping unemployment rate is good news for people who have just moved to the area to find work. At the very least, it means new homeowners will have less competition when interviewing for specific positions.

Tech jobs
San Diego should be of particular interest to those seeking tech jobs. While the Silicon Valley to the north gets all of the attention, San Diego has quietly made a name for itself as one of the most tech-friendly cities in the United States.

IT Business Edge reported Forbes ranked San Diego as the third-best city for tech jobs in the nation, behind Seattle and Washington, D.C. Mayor Jerry Sanders informed news agencies that he is trying to make the market more attractive to area college graduates and startup entrepreneurs.

If you are trained in a tech-specific profession, take a look at San Diego job listings to see if you can find a relevant career opportunity.

Expanding companies and mergers
In conjunction with Mayor Sanders' comments, two major companies recently announced a merger that aims to further technological development in San Diego, according to The Wall Street Journal. Qualcomm Labs and EvoNexus will soon partner on an incubation program that may help improve city statistics.

"With EvoNexus' proven results, we are confident we can work with Qualcomm, a world leader in technology innovation, to help build new companies here in San Diego that will transform the local economy and energize the entire region," said CommNexus CEO Rory Moore, according to the news source.