Most improved towns are located in San Diego County

It is no secret that the California housing market has experienced an unprecedented level of improvement over the past few years. Home sales are generally on the rise, the housing inventory has fallen and even the population has swelled in 2012. Fox News reported that San Diego grew by 12,000 people since 2011, a notable level of growth. If you are looking at houses for sale in San Diego, consider moving to the following neighborhood to enjoy bargain asking prices.

Logan Heights
Located right along the San Diego Bay near the United States Naval Station, this community was among the towns experiencing the most growth in 2012. Prices here jumped by 76 percent, according to the San Diego Union Tribune, and the current average home price is hovering around $184,500. Getting a home under $300,000 is a major bargain - after all, during the housing boom in 2006, homes here were listed well above $400,000.

If you are looking at the MLS listings in Logan Heights, make sure you employ reliable real estate agents to help you find the best asking price. If you can find a discount property, you won't regret it - this community is minutes away from some of the best scenery San Diego has to offer.