La Jolla great for a vacation home or a year-round residence

A recent report in Investor’s Business Daily revealed that in 2011, vacation home sales rose 7 percent, making up 11 percent of total sales. This is good news for real estate in San Diego, as the city is famous for its beaches stretching 70 miles along the coast, its sunny weather year-round, and its mild and comfortable temperatures. La Jolla in particular is an ideal destination for vacationers and prospective homeowners alike. 

La Jolla's beaches include La Jolla Shores, which is a mile-long beach close to the Scripps Institute of Oceanography pier, known for good swimming and popular with a younger crowd. Blacks Beach is secluded and frequented by surfers, while Widansea offers a more crowded, raucous scene. La Jolla is an upscale community with no shortage of luxury properties. It is also a gathering place for culture vultures who are attracted by the La Jolla Playhouse. 

Adventurous beach-goers may not even bat an eyelash at a recent report from The Associated Press of a great white shark sighting that occurred on July 2. The 14 foot shark was spotted roughly 50 feet off the La Jolla shore by a lifeguard in the water. The response to the sighting was prompt, with the authorities closing the beach and nearby Marine Room and Scripps Pier and immediately issuing an advisory. Officials also dispatched boats and helicopters to search the water. The response might encourage those who are looking to live in a well-managed community.