Home sales in California experience strong growth in February

Over the past few years, the California housing market has struggled due to the tough times that the United States economy had been going through. However, there is positive news on the horizon for people considering homes for sale in San Diego. The amount of residential units sold in California in February increased dramatically compared to the past few years, and experts are hoping that this trend continues in the near future.

According to DQNews.com, 29,630 houses and condos were sold in California in February 2012. This was an 8.5 percent increase from 27,320 in February 2011. While a general increase is normally expected during the beginning of the year, the 2012 numbers were the highest in February since 2007.

Although the average price tag on a California residence is $239,000, this is low when compared to the $484,000 high in 2007. This is a good time to buy because distressed property sales account for more than half of the resale market in the state, and valuable property may be found at essentially bargain-basement prices. San Diego is just one of many cities in California that is experiencing this trend.