Four ways to make your San Diego home more attractive to prospective buyers

If you're looking to sell your real estate in San Diego, you may be wondering what steps you can take to make your house more desirable to prospective buyers. While the overall state of your home is important, making select improvements can make a big difference in your selling success.

According to NBC's The Today Show, refinishing the backsplash in your kitchen is an easy, inexpensive way to jazz up this room. A small change can make a huge difference in the aesthetics of the kitchen, and can be done with inexpensive paint or glass and ceramic tiles from a craft store. Cabinets can also easily be revamped with a simple sanding or coat of paint. These two small changes allow you to give your kitchen a new, updated look without having to replace any hardware.

Wood floors
When buyers tour your home, they will usually pay particular attention to the state of the wood floors. If floors are worn or scuffed, the home will not have the same appeal as a home that has newly-installed boards. Before putting your home on the market, consider having your floors refinished. By sanding and resealing the wood panels, your floor will have a more polished appearance without having to be replaced.

Front porch
As San Diego has beautiful weather year round, many prospective buyers will be interested in purchasing a home that has great porch space. Repainting your porch and fixing any broken floors and railings before putting your home up for sale can make it stand out against other homes that do not have the same outdoor amenities. If your home doesn't have a front porch, Style At Home suggested adding a small deck out back. This will give the home space for barbecuing or spending time outdoors.

Energy conservation
Especially in California, many families are interested in purchasing a home that contains energy efficient. According to Fox News, it is easy to give your home "green" upgrades without adding expensive hardware. Sealing older window frames, installing insulation and switching to compact fluorescent lightbulbs can all help make the home more sustainable. If you're willing to make larger changes, consider installing a low-flow toilet or aerators on household faucets to decrease your home's water waste.