Enjoy San Diego outdoor recreation in Mission Bay, Ocean Beach

With the ideal weather found year round in San Diego comes a variety of unique attractions that local residents and visitors can enjoy. Families looking for houses for sale in San Diego can turn to these locations for wholesome family fun and fun times in the beautiful outdoors.

Mission Bay
Located along 27 miles of Pacific Coast shoreline, Mission Bay Park is one of the largest water parks of its kind in the world. With approximately 4,200 acres of land and water, Mission Bay is connected by waterways, inlets and islets that provide the perfect venue for California boaters. Visitors can enjoy activities here ranging from kite and paddle boarding to surfing, kayaking and other water sports. Beaches aside, there are many attractions in Mission Bay, including:

- SeaWorld San Diego - a marine life adventure park with fun rides, exciting shows and face-to-face animal interactions.
- Crown Point - a popular place to play beach volleyball.
- Santa Clara Point - an aquatic center that offers rentals and instruction for various water sports.
- Quivera Basin - a location offering charters and instruction for fishing and scuba diving.
- Fiesta Island - a dog-friendly, dune-covered island that provides a venue for outdoor recreation.
- East Mission Bay Park - a place where visitors can find information, watch boats being launched into the water, and enjoy vast green parks and playgrounds.
- Mission Beach Belmont Park - home of the Giant Dipper roller coaster.
- Mission Bay Aquatic Center - a place where families can learn to sail on the ocean from certified instructors.

Ocean Beach
As one of the most unique neighborhoods in San Diego, Ocean Beach is another popular destination for outdoor recreation. The small beachfront community has stunning views of the water and a funky, laid-back hippy vibe. The attractions in Ocean Beach include the following:

- Moonlight cruises on a Mississippi-style riverboat called the Bahia Belle that allows visitors to enjoy the ocean during the darker hours of night.
- The Sunset Cliffs - the perfect elevated place to watch the sun set over the Pacific Ocean.
- Newport Avenue - home to many vintage and antique stores, artist studios and eccentric bars and restaurants.
- One of the best people-watching opportunities in San Diego, with countless individuals passing through the boardwalk on foot and on bikes.

Mission Bay and Ocean Beach are considered by many to be quintessential San Diego hotspots, and provide great opportunities for people of all ages.