Educational programs in San Diego

Parents who own homes for sale in San Diego can send their students to many different schools in the greater metro area. Well-known for its accredited charter school system, the city is home to quite a few quality academic establishments, and these institutions provide the innovative education that is expected in the modern world. Recently, a bunch of energy initiatives are being included in curriculums to help inform elementary, high school and college students of the benefits of green technology.

Solar Power

Harnessing the energy of the sun is normally at the forefront of sustainable energy plans. After all, the renewable energy source is free and does not have any side effects on the environment or produce hazardous waste. Therefore, the San Diego Renewable Energy Society (SDRES) is partnering with middle school teachers to create a new educational program called the Junior Solar Sprint.

The initiative encourages students to design their own solar-powered model car, which will then be raced in local and regional competitions. Awards in varying categories will be given out to participating students, who are required to be in the sixth, seventh or eighth grade.

"The multi-disciplinary project motivates students and illustrates how pursuing careers in the fields of science, math, and engineering can be exciting and highly rewarding particularly when applied to renewable energy sources," said event coordinator and SDRES employee Bruce Rogow, according to a press release.

With such a program in place, children could be inspired to pursue a career in solar energy from an extraordinarily young age.

Green Industry Certification

High school graduates often enter college with no idea of what subject they will eventually choose as a major. In an attempt to corral these undecided students into an energy-related curriculum, San Diego State University is now offering four different green technology certification programs.

For example, one of the programs will provide successful students with a Professional Certificate in Water Management and Landscape Sustainability. This title is of irreparable help when pursuing a career in the earth sciences or construction industry.

"This area is going to grow. Offering this type of certificate is going to be very important to our job market," said National City Mayor Ron Morrison.

Students of all ages in San Diego now have access to green technology and energy programs that will teach them about the differing aspects of the lucrative industry.