Discover arts, culture in the Hillcrest neighborhood

If you are interested in homes for sale in San Diego, it is important to first figure out which area you'd like to live in. The city has many distinctive neighborhoods that embody unique vibes and provide the ideal living conditions for like-minded individuals. Hillcrest is one of the neighborhoods here, and is home to a colorful community of vibrant, diverse individuals.

Much like New York City's Greenwich Village and San Francisco's The Castro, the Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego is a great home for people who are trendy and free-spirited. According to the San Diego Convention and Visitors Bureau, Hillcrest combines a local San Diego vibe with diverse, eclectic cultural offerings. This community is a favorite for San Diego's artistic population, and has a pedestrian-friendly business district lined with fantastic restaurants, bookshops, boutiques and independent cinemas.

Living in Hillcrest
Along with most of San Diego's uptown area, Hillcrest was created in 1906. Although it was first called University Heights, the area was later divided into different entities. The neighborhood has the best attributes of a lively, urban atmosphere with countless opportunities for recreation. Although Hillcrest is a popular home for San Diego's LGBT residents, this community is home to individuals from diverse backgrounds. The neighborhood fosters liberal thinking, low crime rates and a relatively young population. According to City-Data, the majority of Hillcrest residents fall between the ages of 25 and 35.

As more than half of the people here are not native to the area, Hillcrest is a welcoming, open neighborhood that embraces newcomers. The local gay community is very inclusive, and embraces people from all backgrounds, nationalities and lifestyles.

Local beautification promotes festive atmosphere
Earlier this fall, the Hillcrest Business Association implemented a new plan to add holiday sparkle to the community year-round. According to the Uptown News, HBA will install a permanent light canopy over portions of University Avenue, including 14 strings of "festoon lighting."

"We're thrilled to get moving on the canopy lighting project," Lisa Weir, the marketing and communications director for HBA, told San Diego Uptown News. "This new beautification effort features LED lights to save energy and costs, and will string bits of twinkle across University Avenue in the heart of Hillcrest. With community support and enthusiasm, we hope to have the project done before CityFest 2013."