Del Mar, San Diego

If you've been cruising around San Diego, looking for the best neighborhood to call your new home, the city of Del Mar could be worth a second look. People looking for homes for sale in San Diego might enjoy hearing a bit of local news and learning about the neighborhood.

About Del Mar
Del Mar is known as one of the most beautiful destinations along the West Coast, and the Del Mar Bridge is one of the most recognizable sights in all of California. It is positioned about 20 minutes north of downtown San Diego. According to the city website, Del Mar is comprised of just about two square miles of coastal land, and has a growing population of roughly 4,500.

According to the Del Mar Mainstreet website, the neighborhood is privileged to have calm salt water lagoons that line each end of the beach. Who wouldn't love soaking in a local lagoon? Residents also enjoy the local renowned county fair, haute cuisine and unique shopping.

Residents have more than just the beach to enjoy in Del Mar. The city includes a historic downtown village that dates back to the 1880s, which today is teeming with specialty shops and high-end apparel boutiques. The city also provides residents with numerous well-maintained parks to enjoy a day with the family. Since the village is only 2.1 square miles in size, the Del Mar Mainstreet website tells us that residents can enjoy all it has to offer without even needing a car.

Local news: Holiday House in Del Mar
Real estate journalist Lily Leung recently reported in the San Diego Union-Tribune about a nearly $2.3 million home located in Olde Del Mar along the shoreline. Being the location of a large charity benefit this year, it has been named "Holiday House" by local real estate experts.

"The point of Holiday House is to help local businesses collect clothes, food, toys and other items for needy families," wrote Leung in the San Diego Union-Tribune.  "The collection drive concludes on December 6 with a celebration at the Olde Del Mar home, where guests will be able to tour the two-story property."

According to the source, last year, the function raised more than $10,000 in donations, and this year marks the second year the organization has held the function.