Spring waters contaminated, city officials waste no time addressing the issue

City, state and county officials in Salt Lake City recently sought help from the Environmental Protection Agency to declare a local contaminated water spring a national priority for long-term remediation.

Homebuyers looking for real estate in Salt Lake City should be aware of the contamination and the strong efforts officials in the state are taking to clean the small area affected. The contamination is located between 800 South and 1000 South, and 1300 East and 1100 East, roughly a 300 acre area.

The chemical perchloroethene, or PCE, often found in small amounts on clothing after being dry cleaned, has a sharp, sweet smell. The chemical was found in the spring water and surrounding soil, but not municipal water or the air. While the contamination does not affect residents, those who are concerned hey may have ingested the chemical can undergo an easy blood test can be conducted.

Contamination was originally discovered in 2010 near 700 South and 1600 East, and the two sites are thought to be linked to one another. Depending on support from local residents, a final NPL determination may occur in April 2013.

The EPA and Utah Department of Environmental Quality are working with the community to ensure the water and soil of the area returns to a healthy and clean state.