SLC's environmental consciousness grows

A community solar expansion project and new recycling opportunities are among the new green strategies that will attract homebuyers to real estate in Salt Lake City.

In October 2007, the city received the Solar America Grant that prompted a change to more solar power by 2015, according to the city's website. Salt Lake City joined forces with Salt Lake County, Utah Clean Energy and Kennecott Land to add an additional 10 megawatts of solar power to government, commercial, industrial and residential buildings. To put it into perspective, an average of one megawatt of energy can meet the needs of 750 homes.

Another new eco-friendly project in the area will be a curbside glass recycling effort, set to launch in October 2012. The optional program, which will run in conjunction with Momentum Recycling, hopes to reduce the city's landfill impact and keep the streets clean, something that all prospective homebuyers can appreciate.

"Glass recycling has been challenging in Utah because of limited end markets locally, combined with the expense of shipping glass to distant markets," city recycling program manager Debbie Lyons told The Salt Lake Tribune. "We're excited that Momentum Recycling has created additional opportunities for our community to recycle glass and reduce our landfill impacts."