Salt Lake City ranks high as business-friendly destination

Real estate in Salt Lake City, UT, is increasingly sought after, as businesses and residents have discovered the affordable property listings in the city. However, pricing is not the only factor playing into the surge of new property sales in the area - the friendly business atmosphere and updated homes play a big part, too.

Recently, Ron Pollina, president of Chicago-based Pollina Corporate Real Estate Inc., spoke on the business environment in the Beehive state. Utah ranks second only to Virginia for its business-friendly atmosphere in the company's annual Top 10 Pro-Business States study for 2011, reports The Desert News. Utah received the highest possible grade for the fifth consecutive year.

When companies are encouraged to relocate to an area like Salt Lake City and these professionals are treated well, they're more likely to expand and create new jobs. People looking for work in the area will benefit from corporate growth, as they'll be offered employment opportunities that have room for promotions and further career development.

Homebuyers may be encouraged to move to cities that have the potential to experience high-volumes of job creation, and with companies in Salt Lake City appreciating success, more work may be available shortly. What's more, homeowners and home sellers in the area have begun upgrading their houses to better protect themselves from earthquakes.

Salt Lake City's mayor advised homeowners to prepare for earthquakes by updating the structure and foundation of their homes. A significant percentage of properties aren't optimized to handle such natural events, and with a few affordable construction projects, these houses can be made stronger than ever before.

First-time homebuyers who want to invest in properties that are projected to increase in value may want to consider the many benefits of Salt Lake City. The metropolitan area is going through a significant transition, and with businesses purchasing or leasing office complexes, jobs may be abundant in the coming months. Finding a tight-knit community to live in is often a top priority among prospective homebuyers, and Utah's capital may be able to provide the perfect environment for families and individuals alike.

Salt Lake City offers picturesque homes with perfect views of the various mountain ranges. Homebuyers can find affordable housing with large national parks just miles down the road in the Crossroads of the West.