Modern streetcar construction begins gentrification in Sugar House

In April 2012, the construction of street cars in the Sugar House Business District of Salt Lake City began, with a projected completion date of June 2013. Real estate in Salt Lake City within the neighborhood of Sugar House is already seeing a boom with more than 1,000 new planned housing units, and is expected to continue into a full rejuvenation of the area.

Beginning in 2006, Salt Lake City began a study of alternatives for a more environmentally conscious transit system. A $26 million investment from the U.S. Department of Transportation and a $500,000 grant are getting the project going from the ground up. In November 2010, the Environmental Assessment was completed and a Finding of No Significant Impact was issued in February 2011.

“I am pleased to announce that by securing the TIGER II grant, we have identified a crucial piece of federal funding to take the Sugar House Streetcar from vision to reality,” Mayor Ralph Becker said. “Our community and local economy will benefit tremendously by the rapid development of this core transit improvement and the jobs the project quickly creates.”

The modern streetcar line will connect the commercial center of the district to the light rail system, and will have an expected daily ridership of 3,000 in its first year and 4,000 by 2030.