Looking for work? Consider moving to Salt Lake City

Young "Generation Y" professionals looking for work may wish to consider moving into one of the houses for sale in Salt Lake City. Rated the eighth city on Bloomberg Businessweek’s America’s Strongest Job Market list, an estimated 23 percent of all companies in the area plan to hire during the third quarter of 2012.

There were 24,800 online advertisements for jobs in the Salt Lake City area in June 2011, an increase of 12.3 percent from one year earlier, according to the Conference Board. A majority of these positions are in the construction, wholesale, retail and financial trades, Businessweek reports.

All of these new job opportunities may well be strengthening the housing market.

“While the market still faces headwinds, the local economy and housing market are experiencing noticeable improvements. New home production is recovering well, and is expected to increase throughout the year,” said Eric Allen, director of Metrostudy’s Utah/Idaho Region.

Generation Y professionals moving to the area may wish to buy one of the houses for sale in Salt Lake City before the improving market increases home values in the area.