You may need a design review before renovating your Folsom real estate for the market

When it comes time for you to sell your Folsom real estate, you can boost the appeal of your home by conducting some renovations to the property's exterior. However, before you do, you'll need to run the details of your proposed changes by the Planning Services branch of Folsom's Community Development Department to determine if you'll need a design review of the premises.

First, download the design review application form from the Planning Services section's website. Fill it out and return it promptly along with all required documentation - this could include any state or federal permits, project plans, floor plans and a $54 application fee for modifying a single-family residence. You'll find specific instructions for each document included with the application form.

Once you submit this, the Planning Services staff will review it carefully, and if it's exempt from design review, you'll only need a standard building permit. If not, the city's Planning Commission or the director of the Community Development Department will need to examine your plans.

Design review will take place a week after you submit your application, if it is deemed necessary. You'll find out no more than 10 days after the review whether the application has been denied, conditionally approved or fully accepted. If denied, you can appeal within 10 days of receiving the notice.