Yogurt is a healthy, nutritious snack that can be found in Natomas

Yogurt can be somewhat unappealing when you actually stop to think about it. The gelatinous material is made up of millions of either living or dead bacteria, but you certainly do not see this when eating it. Despite its somewhat strange form, yogurt is a nutritious snack that aids in digestion and improves health. If you have purchased one of the homes for sale in Natomas, CA, there are a few specialty stores that serve creative varieties of this food all year round.

Big Spoon Yogurt is the top yogurt provider in Natomas and is located at 2281 Del Paso Road in Park Place. The traditional flavors of yogurt is offered at this shop, but coated candy and fruit is also available in a variety of gift baskets and promotional bundles. Frozen yogurt is also offered to those seeking a chilled snack during the hot summer months.

Unfortunately, the only other nearby location that sells both frozen and regular yogurt is the Baskin Robbins at 2101 Natomas Crossing Drive. If you require a special order, your best bet would be to call ahead due to this establishment's high demand.