Which ZIP codes in Sacramento County are posting improvements?

Selecting the right area to live in can help a property owner better ensure the value of his or her investment.  Not only are homes one of the major purchases a person can make during their lifetime, they help define many areas of life, such as schooling, friends and work. As a result, a potential homebuyer may want to consider researching real estate in Sacramento to ensure the house offers the right practical and emotional features.

Here are five ZIP codes in Sacramento County that have seen positive economic indicators in June 2012:

1. Citrus Heights 95610. According to real estate market research firm DataQuick, the 95610 ZIP code had 57 home sales in June 2012, a 32.6 percent increase from last month. However, while more properties may have sold, they sold for less, decreasing by 0.6 percent to $179,000. The highest price attained was $274,500 at $111 a square foot.

2. Fair Oaks 95628. The 95628 ZIP code had a successful June 2012. DataQuick claims that 60 homes sold during the month, a 39.5 percent increase. In addition to the increase in sales, prices also improved by 8.3 percent to $248,000. The highest amount a home sold for in the metro during the month of June was $505,000 at $132 per square foot.

3. Sloughhouse 95683. The luxury neighborhood of Sloughhouse had 17 homes close escrow in June 2012. This is a 41.7 percent increase from the previous month, according to the source. The median sales price was $335,000 with an increase of 8.1 percent, while the high price was $585,000.

4. Sacramento 95816. This area of Sacramento posted positive, substantial gains in June 2012. DataQuick reports that 14 homes sold for a 55.6 percent increase over last month. However, while more properties were bought, they were purchased for less than others in previous months. The median price of a home dropped 1.9 percent to $326,000. The highest price paid for a home in the 95816 ZIP code was $835,000 for $239 per square foot.

5. Sacramento 95819. According to DataQuick, the 95819 ZIP code in Sacramento posted positive real estate indicators. There were 29 home purchases, increasing the rate of sale by 61.1 percent compared to May 2012. The median home price was $300,000, down 6 percent. However, the highest home price during June 2012 was $700,000.