Which repairs require a building permit when preparing to sell Sacramento real estate?

Homes for sale in Sacramento may be made more appealing to buyers in a number of ways. For example, it can be beneficial to make a few repairs to bring the house back to its state when it was new, which has the potential to increase its resale value.

If you decide to go down this road, check with the city of Sacramento beforehand. Certain repairs are simple and straightforward enough that you won't need a permit, but others will require the approval of Sacramento's Community Development Department.

For one-story buildings not directly attached to the property - sheds or any other similar structure - no permit is required. The same is true of painting and papering, or building fences under 6 feet, retaining walls under 4 feet and platforms, walkways and driveways that are 30 inches or less above grade.

Virtually all other repairs require a permit - roofing, swimming pool installation, additional rooms, window replacement and more. To obtain a permit, download the application form or have it faxed, fill it out with all required information including project plans and cost estimates, and send it back to the Department.