Which famous people have grown up in Sacramento?

Homes for sale in Sacramento are located in communities that are fantastic places to raise a family. While the city sometimes is labeled as a hotbed for young professionals, it has plenty of suburbs where kids can experience a great childhood. There are plenty of success stories of people who have lived and grown up in Sacramento, and there are a few reasons why you should consider the metro area if you are looking to relocate.

Due to its proximity to San Francisco (and other major metropolitan areas), Sacramento is a focal point for those looking to pursue an education and career in any number of professional fields. This is especially true of music and entertainment. Here are the top entertainers that have called this Northern California city home.

Jessica Chastain

This actress is known for her roles in The Tree of Life and The Help, and her performance in the latter movie earned her an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Many people do not know that she was born and raised in Sacramento, attending El Camino High School and Sacramento City College.

She first broke into the international scene while acting in theater performances in San Francisco, just a short drive from Sacramento. Chastain is the perfect example of an entertainer who caught the acting bug in Sacramento and moved on to bigger and better things.

Colin Hanks

While not as recognizable as Jessica Chastain, Colin Hanks has still built a solid career around meaningful television appearances. Born in Sacramento in 1977, Hanks attended and graduated from the Sacramento County Day School, where he was heavily involved in traditional lip-synching competitions. He went on to attend several universities and eventually landed roles in movies like Orange County. Eventually, Hanks solidified his acting presence through parts in television series like Band of Brothers and Mad Men.

Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot is known to older audiences for his roles in numerous Westerns during the 1970s and 1980s, and younger viewers will recognize from his memorable supporting roles in movies like We Were Soldiers and Thank You For Smoking. Elliot was born in Sacramento in 1944, and spent much of his childhood in the suburbs until his family eventually moved to Portland. Although Sam and his wife now live in Malibu, there is no doubt that his acting chops were first realized while living in Northern California.