Where in Sacramento are home values rising?

If you're on the lookout for property in Sacramento, you may want to research neighborhoods that feature strengthening home values. The MLS listings in Sacramento could provide access to the perfect home for sale. 

Here are three neighborhoods in Sacramento with rising home values:

1. Newton Booth. Check out the neighborhood of Newton Booth to take advantage of an outstanding 17.8 percent growth in home values in August 2012 from the previous month, the Sacramento Business Journal reports. Over the course of the year, home values have improved 4.6 percent to make the average home value in August about $303,800.

2. North City Farms. Making the top 25 areas of Sacramento with the greatest home value growth list is North City Farms. According to the news source, property values improved 7.7 percent in August 2012 from July 2012. The average house costs approximately $95,300 in this neighborhood.

3. Noralto. With home values rising 4.7 percent in Noralto in August 2012 from the previous month, this community could be a strong contender on your list of neighborhoods to check out. The Sacramento Business Journal reports that over the course of the year, property values have improved 1.2 percent.