Where to find affordable homes in Sacramento

First-time homebuyers or low-income families often look for a home with a low or decreased price tag. While finding affordable housing can often be a problem in metro areas such as New York City or Los Angeles, homes for sale in Sacramento can be found at reasonable prices.

In the North Highland area, ZIP code 95660, there were 45 home sales in July 2012, according to real estate research company DataQuick. The median price for these properties was $92,000 – a 14.9 percent increase since the same time last year. The most expensive home sale in the area was $138,000.

However, if even that may be outside of a budget, consider checking out homes for sale in Sacramento in the ZIP code area of 95815. The median home price in July 2012 was $74,000 or $70 per square foot. While this area featured a 37.7 percent cost increase compared to July 2011, it still remains affordable for many singles or families, claims the source.

There's no shortage of low-cost property within the greater Sacramento metro area.