Visit public gardens to experience Sacramento's all-natural beauty

Many people who purchase one of many houses for sale in Sacramento will consider growing gardens that feature beautiful flowers and intricate designs. You can learn more about delicate floral arrangements by visiting some of Sacramento's public gardens.

Capitol Park, located at the California State Capitol Museum at 1315 10th Street, features memorials of events that have shaped the city. You can take a worldwide tree tour without leaving Sacramento because the park features species from across the globe. Check out rose gardens and see a vast landscape with exotic plants such as cacti.

The Gardens at the Old City Cemetery include native California plants in a comfortable environment. The conservatory's Native Plant Venue Demonstration was created in January 1997 to teach people about local plants and wildlife. Taking a look at flowers including the California Barberry and Douglas Iris gives you the chance to see what options could work well in your home garden.

Visit the McKinley Park Rose Garden, a 1.5-acre locale at 3300 McKinley Boulevard. Check out more than 1,000 blooming annuals, rose bushes and tree roses at this garden. The spot has become a popular spot for weddings and special events because it features beautiful natural decor.