Two great neighborhoods in Sacramento

Finding the perfect neighborhood to live in can take time. Potential homebuyers have to research the area, look at properties and determine how it will affect their budget. However, there are two neighborhoods in the metro that may entice people considering homeownership to purchase one of the homes for sale in Sacramento.

East Sacramento
The neighborhood is filled with charming homes that range from bungalows built in the 1920s to ranches from the early 50s, Sacramento Magazine reports. This quaint neighborhood is ideal for young, married professionals and budding families.

"Eighty percent of the people who sell houses here stay in the neighborhood," real estate expert Tim Collom told the news source. "It’s a perfect storm of all the factors that create a good neighborhood: It’s close to downtown, the houses are beautiful, and the people are nice."

McKinley Park
Potential homebuyers who enjoy walks or jogging may want to move to McKinley Park. This neighborhood has been rated as extremely pedestrian friendly, according to Sacramento Magazine. Home styles are diverse and eclectic, ranging from Tudors to bungalows. In addition, block parties and community gatherings are a popular attraction for residents.