Tracking down the perfect cup of coffee in Roseville, CA

It's important to have easy access to a great local coffee shop when you move to a new city. Fortunately, if you're a new resident of one of the homes for sale in Roseville, you can easily satisfy this need by visiting any one of the well-liked coffee shops detailed below.

Your first stop should be Bloom Coffee & Tea at 1485 Eureka Road. Widely liked for both the standard coffee and espresso drink offerings, Bloom also features a small but worthwhile breakfast menu, with options ranging from French toast to breakfast burritos, a fair amount of space to sit down in and free Wi-Fi internet.

Shady Coffee & Tea, located at 325 Douglas Boulevard, is small and doesn't have a large amount of interior space but makes up for it with its outdoor patio seating. This establishment has a fairly dedicated base of local patrons, most of whom rave about its French press coffee, white mocha and various teas.

Jericho Coffee at 8711 Sierra College Boulevard Suite 1, is a Christian-themed coffee shop, but that aspect of its operation isn't forced on customers for those who aren't interested. Its acclaim comes largely from its various latte drinks (particularly the Cinnamon Bliss) and its comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.