Those looking to give back in Stockton can join the Library and Literacy Foundation for San Joaquin County

After moving to one of the homes for sale in Stockton, you might be eager to engage in volunteer work as a way of giving back to the community. If you're passionate about promoting literacy and reading and education, you can volunteer with the Library and Literacy Foundation for San Joaquin County, located right in Stockton.

Since 1990, this nonprofit organization has worked to sponsor adult and youth literacy programs for the Stockton-San Joaquin Public Library. These initiatives vary each year, all of them finding new and innovative ways to bring the gift of reading to community residents.

Examples of programs from 2011 include Reach Out and Read San Joaquin, which makes reading a standard focus of early children's pediatric care. Another is Early Learning with Families, where children and parents read together according to the kids' reading level and receive advice from experts on childhood issues.

Getting involved in this program is easy, and its only requirement is that all applicants be 18 and older and have one free hour each week. To apply, contact the foundation's recruiter by phone or email.