Sacramento ZIP codes feature growing sales

Homeowners trying to sell their property in Sacramento may want to consider the condition of the market. The real estate industry in the area features a wide disparity in housing prices, availability and sales rate. Check out homes for sale in Sacramento to determine how to competitively list a property.

Here are three ZIP codes in Sacramento that show increases in sales in the past month:

1. ZIP code 95610. According to real estate market research firm DataQuick, 57 homes were sold in the 95610 ZIP code or Citrus Heights in June 2012. That is a 32.6 percent change from the previous month. In addition, the median sales price was $179,000.

2. ZIP code 95628. The Fair Oaks area or 95628 ZIP code had 60 homes sell in June 2012 – a 39.5 percent increase since May 2012. The source claims that the median price also improved 8.3 percent to $248,000.

3. ZIP code 95683. While only 17 homes sold in the Sloughhouse or 95683 ZIP code in June 2012, that is an increase of 41.7 percent. The median sales price also rose 8.1 percent to $335,000.

A home seller could decrease the time their property is on the market by researching local housing figures.