Sacramento makes move toward efficiency

Sacramento officials and residents are a driven bunch, which is reflected in a recent decision by the local government. On June 26, 2012, Mayor Kevin Johnson and the City Council accepted a proposal for the metro to join the Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint America Program, which will provide an electric vehicle charging infrastructure for the metro. This change could prompt more people to pursue some of the homes for sale in Sacramento, as citizens will have access to 28 complimentary level 2 electric power charging stations across the metro.

Locations that will feature the new charging stations include the Downtown Plaza West at Third and L Street, Memorial Garage at 14th and H Street and Tower Bridge Garage at Front Street and Capital Mall. This plan could benefit those who use hybrid vehicles to travel throughout the city, as many venues will be available where they can recharge their vehicles. Meanwhile, this metro will receive the equipment at no cost, and the California Energy Commission is taking care of the installation expenses.

This program represents just one of a few ways Sacramento is taking steps to promote efficiency. While owning a hybrid car can help you reduce your carbon footprint, you can lower your energy consumption in other ways after you purchase a home in this metro.

ENERGY STAR appliances
The United States Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency created the ENERGY STAR program to help Americans save money by using energy-efficient practices. This initiative has been successful, as U.S. citizens saved about $18 billion on their utility bills in 2010.

Homebuyers and sellers could benefit by equipping their properties with ENERGY STAR products. Those who move to the metro might be able to lower their monthly energy expenses, while sellers could promote such appliances to interested parties.

Sacramento Area Sustainable Business program
You'll be able to enjoy a variety of benefits if you decide to move your business to Sacramento. The Sacramento Business Journal reports that companies such as Mom's Silver Shop and Bank of Sacramento have experienced growth over the past year.

Your company can do the same, and could showcase its eco-friendly values by participating in the Sacramento Area Sustainable Business program. Join other companies to reduce your carbon footprint while developing relationships through networking opportunities.